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Mansions with outrageous party rooms
December 7th, 2012 6:10 PM

Mansions with outrageous party rooms

They say wealth should be shared. After all, what good is having serious money without friends and family to help celebrate the high life? 

Renting a party hall is practical but impersonal. For ultimate party privacy and exclusivity, homeowners have turned to posh, if not over-the-top party spaces with Oscar-worthy home theaters, glitzy ballrooms and great rooms that open into infinity pools or gorgeous bay views. 

Yahoo! Homes is publishing several of these impressively indulgent spaces. To see even more, head over to Forbes' website:

Read on for six of the most outrageous party rooms:


Trophy Room, Las Vegas, Nev.
Price: $16.5 million; many more pictures in the listing, 7000 Tomiyasu Lane 

The Primm Compound, as it is known, sits on 10 acres, spans five buildings and 50 total rooms with 21,000-square feet of living and party room space. According to Trulia, the trophy room features “butternut wood paneling and automated recorded sounds of animals in the wild that is light activated.” There’s no better setting to toast the bounty from your latest jungle safari.


Exotic Ballroom, Cambria, Calif.
Recent Price: $58 million 

This 32,500-square-foot Venetian-style estate adorned by onyx pillars, mosaics and murals is set on 80 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Guests can land on the compound’s helipad or explore the auto pavilion, before making a grand entrance in the 4,500-square-foot exotic ballroom. 


Game Room Diner, Grimes, Iowa
: $1.5 million; see many more pictures in the listing, 10200 NW 74th Ave. 

This 4,571-square-foot home boasts an authentic 1950s-style diner with a soda fountain and red-vinyl-topped chrome stools. According to the listing it also has a home theater with a “ticket booth and actual theatre seats.” Maybe you can show off a red ’57 Corvette in the eight-car garage. 


Barn Saloon, Greenwich, Conn.
: $17.5 million 

In an 11-acre equestrian estate that has roots back to the Revolutionary War period, this stately home includes a casual party room in a Dutch barn. Actually, it’s a full-fledged western saloon with a stage, billiards and dance floor. 


Man Cave, Telluride, Colo.
: $19.9 million; see many more pictures in the listing, 113 Highlands Way 

Just in case you run out of things to do in this spectacular ski and summer destination, you can repair with your friends to this 23,124-square-foot alpine home. It’s hard to name the best party room in a home that features a 75-foot indoor pool, an AMF bowling alley, a two-lane indoor shooting range, and an authentic golf fairway outdoors that features a bunker and a putting green. 


Home Mega-Theater, Alpine, N.J.
: $29 million 

This 34,000-square-foot home features an exceptional home theater, but it’s so large you could hold multiple parties simultaneously without guests trampling over each other. What do we mean? There’s an open floor plan with French doors leading to the back; a bar overlooking an indoor pool; a bowling alley; and a billiards room with an indoor fireplace.

To see even more over-the-top party rooms, visit

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