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Frances Bean Cobain Buys a $1.8 Million L.A. Home
October 5th, 2011 5:19 PM

Frances Bean Cobain Buys a $1.8 Million L.A. Home

Posted Wed Oct 5, 2011 11:44am PDT
by Joseph Brannigan Lynch in Stop The Presses!

The daughter of the late Kurt Cobain and the capricious Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain has always lived a distinctly unique life from that of your typical American teen. For instance, while most 19-year-olds are focused on college, entering the workforce or seeing the world, ReaEstalker reports this rock 'n roll heiress just purchased a $1,825,000 home near Hollywood.

Located in a quiet Los Angeles canyon, the Spanish-style house was built in the 1930s and boasts four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a fireplace and a generous backyard patio accessible through French doors on the building's first floor. What more could a teenager ask for?

It's hard to say how much time Frances Bean will actually be spending at her $1.8 million residence. The born-into-celebrity teen reportedly attends Bard College, a small liberal arts university in upstate New York: so unless she's planning on bicoastal jetting between classes and study sessions at home, it's unlikely she'll be spending most of her year at the 3,350 square foot casa.

Considering Cobain is still estranged from her eccentric mother-a judge served Courtney Love with a restraining order back in 2009-the house may be unoccupied more often than not.  But it certainly looks like a relaxing retreat for her summer vacations.

As for interior design, it's probably a good bet that the fashion model and burgeoning artist will be replacing the mass-produced artwork and tame decorations in her new home with a style more befitting of a teen who has the words "art is the solution to chaos" tattooed across her back. But knowing how protective Miss Cobain is of her private life, chances are slim her curious followers will get a glimpse into the two-story house after she personalizes it.

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